SOS GARDENING: Prepping Your Survival Garden for Disasters

Covers chemicals, infestation, pathogens, radiation, looting, vandalism, floods, drought, erosion, wind, extreme cold, volcanic ash, fire…

Covers chemicals, infestation, pathogens, radiation, looting, vandalism, floods, drought, erosion, wind, extreme cold, volcanic ash, fires, and more!

Food is one resource that many of us take for granted. Unfortunately, as modern society evolves, we face a number of potential threats to our food supply, making reliable access to food anything but guaranteed. Over the years, we have developed a false sense of security. To be truly prepared for any disaster in an uncertain future, we must be able to grow our own food. However, it is not enough to simply grow a garden for self-sufficiency while under peaceful conditions. Any garden utilized for food production must also be resilient to challenges we face in times of crisis. Whether you refer to yourself as a prepper, survivalist, gardener, or homesteader, this book will enable you to achieve the following :

  • Learn why everyone’s food security is at risk and why we all need to do more to prepare
  • Apply the techniques of risk management to survival gardening to increase your odds of success
  • Increase the survivability of your garden and your family using best practices that combine traditional gardening with disaster preparation
  • Protect your garden from natural hazards such as flooding, inclement weather, soil erosion, wildfires, infestations, and others
  • Mitigate chemical, biological, and radiological hazards such as toxic industrial chemicals, infectious diseases, and radioactive fallout
  • Protect your survival garden from looting and vandalism with special tactics to avoid detection and recognition
  • Develop and implement countermeasures that are effective for your own unique situation

The new approach presented in this book will enhance your thought process and mindset for survival.

Cory McClinton is a decorated combat medic, former ANGLICO Marine, and a certified physician assistant. Cory has been studying wilderness survival since a young age and has a special interest in wild edible and medicinal plants. Having grown up in southern Louisiana, Cory has first-hand experience with major disasters and understands that sustainable food and water is paramount during any crisis situation.

Shawn Konecni holds a doctorate in biomedical engineering as well as academic degrees in microbiology, computer science, and business administration. With his unique background, he has worked as a research scientist, technology manager, university instructor, and entrepreneur. Shawn utilizes his extensive knowledge and experience to help readers find new ways to approach existing problems and think outside the box.

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